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This is not to say that this is not an important and useful study, for indeed, it is. No one has attempted to do what he has done: to link the political events of rebellion, punishment, and redemption to such perhaps disparate developments as the tension between royal sovereignty and chivalric and Christian notions of benevolence, the growth of parliamentary authority, and the trope of the Wheel of Fortune in both art and literature. This is an ambitious and thought-provoking series of linkages and Bothwell's impressive command of the sources and his own personal vision more or less compel the reader to go along with him on his journey.

The connection between the political, iconographic, and literary seem to be self-evident for Bothwell; he tries to demonstrate this visually, through the insertion of manuscript images periodically in the text, and mechanically, through the use of literary quotations at the beginning of every chapter and frequently at the beginning of subheadings within the chapters. While I can appreciate the illustration of such a medieval mentalit , the effect is more subliminal than overtly analytical.

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With such an ambitious "to-do" list, it is perhaps understandable that Bothwell is not able to be entirely consistent in his presentation of all five themes, as well as of all the other themes indirectly expressed. The two that are most problematic for me are his notion of all military or pseudo-military activities such as tournaments in this context as "trials by battle," and his treatment of the role of women as both felled by fortune and as advocates for the fallen.

Although the medieval connection of victory and God's approval cannot be discounted, Bothwell does not in fact emphasize that connection in a way that enhances his discussion of how military action, and either victory or defeat, affected someone who was "fallen from grace.

Bothwell even admits in his conclusion that he has been less effective in explicating this theme. There are ways in which he could have clarified this position, especially in his section on the veneration of fallen rebels, such as Simon de Montfort and Thomas of Lancaster, who might have lost the battles, but won the hearts and minds of the "people": a kind of reverse trial by battle in which the loser is judged innocent rather than guilty.

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With respect to the participation of women both as intercessors and as actors in their own right, Bothwell seems not to have done his homework in as careful a way as when he deals with male subjects. He does not mention, for example, the extensive and important intercessory role played by Queen Marguerite of France in adjudicating the conflict between Henry III and Simon de Montfort, or the role of Henry's wife, Eleanor of Provence and Marguerite's sister , in raising royalist forces while the king was Simon's prisoner. The enormous bibliography on queens and queenship that discusses their intercessory role is, indeed, missing.

Bothwell also does not seem to understand that, for many of the women he includes as examples, the lands they were seeking were often not dower, but rather, their own inheritance: Joan, widow of Roger de Mortimer, was lady of Meath and Ludlow in her own right and, when those lands were forfeited after Roger's death, she quite legitimately petitioned for their return.

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Faye Pearson, a three-foot-tall entomologist, the idea must have seemed too good to pass up. Sure enough, Eriksson plays out almost every conceivable variation on this theme. Falling from Grace involves a thin storyline, told in two acts, concerning logging in the B.

The first act finds Faye making a fateful trip into the woods to collect hemlock samples near a contested clear cut. The second half downshifts rapidly and finds Faye learning love, acceptance, and empathy after a horrible, destabilizing crime. Her teachers include family, friends, and potential lovers. In October, Google acknowledged that several months earlier, it had discovered a data breach involving its Google Plus service, which the company said would be shut down.

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