Slavery and the American West: The Eclipse of Manifest Destiny

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In , Whigs and Democrats, Morrison explains, thought of the Texas issue largely in economic terms, and the division between the parties was nationwide; by , the major political divisions were sectional, and the national political system was fragmented. There are, writes Morrison, a number of major themes in the book.

Manifest destiny

He seeks first of all to "root expansion and western settlement within the context of Jacksonian politics. Morrison rejects or modifies various influential earlier interpretations of the events of the years There was, he maintains, no conscious conspiracy in either North or South to deny participation in the federal government to the other.

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Nor did he find consistency in the arguments of either southerners or northerners. Unique sectional cultures did not exist. Nor can slavery be considered the cause of the Civil War in any narrow sense. In Morrison's estimation, the various economic interpretations of the Progressive historians inadequately explain the antebellum years. In terms of economic development, the sections were more similar than Progressives admitted, and slavery would have been considered less important than the conflict between capital and democracy had economic interest ruled.

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Finally, in this respect, writes Morrison, "the conflict over the territories suggests the animating effect of principles and ideology. That is, inherited revolutionary values were axiomatic and controlling. Morrison explains that he has used traditional methods in the preparation of this book, pursuing multiarchival manuscript research and closely reading "a wide array of official, printed primary, and periodical sources.

His general purpose, Morrison writes, has been "to explore and assess the ideological nature of these familiar issues in a manner calculated to give a fuller and more complete understanding of the real essence of the sectional conflict" pp. In each of the various chapters of this book, Morrison has briefly sketched a major aspect of western expansion during the antebellum years in its congressional and national settings and provided the justifications offered by policy advocates within the political parties and the counter arguments of opponents. These Morrison places within the broader context of party ideology and America's revolutionary and republican heritage.

Morrison's impressive bibliography of primary and secondary sources attests to wide ranging and intensive research. He takes the commendable position that the period should be viewed as one that was developing on its own terms rather than as an inevitable progression toward civil war.

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He reveals an exceptional talent for selecting revealing incidents and apt quotations and linking arguments to their ideological roots. Civil War: All. African American Studies. Civil War: Disunion.

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Home Close. View Inside. Kno Inc. Tracing the sectionalization of American politics in the s and s, Michael Morrison offers a comprehensive study of how slavery and territorial expansion intersected as causes of the Civil War. My Wishlist Sign In Join.


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Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews Elegant, witty, and learned, "Slavery and the American West" is the finest book written on the s since David Potter s classic study.

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